Get the cyber protection you and your family deserve.

The cyber and privacy threat to high net worth individuals and families has grown exponentially. You need to protect your family and data. We uniquely understand your needs and how to enhance your protection.

In 2018, 23% of Americans were victims of cyber crime. As cyber security becomes more complex, this number is rising every year, especially for high net worth families.

All individuals and families are vulnerable to a breach, and a focus on protection is more effective than simply responding when a breach happens. We address the avenues of compromise at all stages, from education and protection to incident response, resolution, and post-resolution responsibilities. New protection and response models are necessary to respond to increasingly complex and pervasive cyber attack strategies facing you and your family.
AIM is the one stop shop for all your cyber needs.
Solution Components:

Risk Assessments

You and your family deserve cyber and privacy protection. Identifying the risks is the first step in providing that protection.

Specialty Training & Workshops

Cyber risks change quickly. Do you and your family members know how to protect their identity?

Cyber Services

Personalized cyber services to mitigate present and future risks.

Family Cyber Vault

Your critical and personal information deserves military grade protection. Is it getting it?

Technology & Tools

Cyber technology and tools must fit you and your family to meet the needs and provide protection.

Concierge Services

1 on 1 help 24x7x365 when you need it. No need to go it alone.

Digital Reputation & Anonymity Services

Protecting your reputation is crucial. Anonymity helps protect you and your family. Reduce or remove your digital footprint.

News & Insights

Know what is happening in the world of cyber security and how it impacts you and your family.