Smart TVs Spy on Us

Smart TVs make viewing streaming services easier. But they also collect information about us. Learn the risks and how to stay safer in this Insight. 

Smart TVs maybe not so smart

eBay, VMware, McAfee Sites Hijacked in Sprawling Phishing Operation

In a new attack type, cybercriminals are using subdomains of popular and well know brands to lead unsuspecting users to malware corrupted sites. Be extra careful what you click and where it goes!


Popular websites used to mislead

Russia's 'Midnight Blizzard' Targets Service Accounts for Initial Cloud Access

The move of valuable data to the cloud is not lost on attackers. In a change of direction, attackers are going after accounts that access cloud services. 

Cloud accounts are big targets

Chinese Hackers Exploiting Ivanti VPN Flaws to Deploy New Malware

Ivanti has been compromised recently. Now another flaw is being used to distribute malware. Be careful!

Ivanti has more problems

Echoes of SolarWinds in New 'Silver SAML' Attack Technique

SolarWinds was a devastating supply chain type attack that affected hundreds  of companies. The technique used is being reused with new variants to cuase more damage.  

SolarWinds-type attacks get new life

Electric Vehicles and Cyber Vulnerabilities

The more complex vehicles become, the more computer-dependent they become and the more vulnerable they become to cyber-attacks. Learn about the risks and ways to improve your cyber safety. 


Vehicles are new cyberattack targets

Critical ConnectWise RMM Bug Poised for Exploitation Avalanche

The ConnectWise remote access tool for managing desktops has a significant vulnerability rated 10 out of 10 on the CVSS scale. ConnectWise has issued a patch, install it immediately as it is already being exploited by attackers.     

Install patch or attackers can manage desktops

Misconfigured Custom Salesforce Apps Expose Corporate Data

Salesforce is alerting users to the risks of custom apps that are misconfigured. These errors expose their data to attackers. 


Check configuration on custom apps

Pharmacy Delays Across US Blamed on Nation-State Hackers

Hackers are going after bigger, more impactful targets. This one is a company that processes about 15 billion medical transactions a year and about 1/3 of the patients in this country use its connectivity. It is also part of bigger healthcare group that so far doesn’t appear to be affected. 


Hackers aim at bigger targets

JAMF warns: Many Apple-using businesses still aren’t secure

Many companies have switched to Apple devices. However new research shows they aren’t properly protecting those devices. An unprotected device is an unprotected device regardless of manufacturer. 

Apples still need to be secured