Cyber solutions designed to keep up with the complexities of your business.
Almost 80% of organizations are introducing digitally fueled innovation faster than their ability to secure it against cyberattackers.
We know you are doing big things. At AIM, We want you to be able to focus on running your business. We provide highly specialized cyber solutions to address your specific organization's needs to ensure you get the comprehensive coverage you need.
Commercial Specializations:




Solution Components:

Risk Assessments

The first step in cyber protection is knowing your risks.

Specialty Training & Workshops

Do your executives and team members know what to do and not to do to protect data and your reputation?


Cyber strategy beats tools. As a successful business needs a strategy, effective protections require a cyber strategy.

Technology & Tools

The selection of cyber technology and tools need to fit your business to provide effective protection.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulated industries require cyber compliance. Failing to do so may result in fines and reputational loss.

Cyber Vault

Our cyber vault provides military grade protection. Don't your critical documents and client information deserve it?

Policies & Procedures

Consistency is an essential part of cyber protection. Well constructed policies and procedures help achieve it.

Legal Services

Legal advice when you need it to address cyber risk or in response to an event.

Geo-Cyber Scan

Forewarned is forearmed. Know the cyber attacks on your competitors or neighboring companies.

Brand Reputation

Your brand is critical. Do you know the sites purporting to be you? Do you know if you are properly protecting your brand in all countries where you do business?

News & Insights

Know what is happening in the world of cyber security.

Operational Enhancement

Improving the effectiveness of operations improves cyber protections and profitability.

Cyber Analytics

Do you know the effectiveness of your cyber protections? Are you putting effort in the right place? Analytics is the key.